“Normcore” Cuisine

Introduced by the oddly named independent trend forecasting group K-HOLE last fall, Normcore was brought to the media’s attention with a viral New York Magazine article in February. While it’s popping up left and right in the fashion world, we have a feeling that the Normcore debate is totally tied to the rejection of "Egotarian Cuisine.”

“Normcore” is described as the post-hipster push away from hyper-individualism. This social push is supposedly caused by the exhaustion that comes from the modern age’s over-self-exposure via ego-centric platforms including social media. Since last fall, almost twenty thousand articles have weighed in on the trend from wide ranging outlets including Salon, The New York Times, and Vanity Fair.

Though the term “Normcore” has been mostly used by the fashion crowd and cultural critics, there seems to be an undeniable tie with the recent rejection of what GQ’s Alan Richman called “Egotarian Cuisine” in an article published this March, and that Esquire soon after endorsed, going further to blame it on the fetishistic prominence of food in social media. New York Time’s restaurant Critic Pete Wells’ recent bemoaning of the lost arts of traditional bread and water service and structured dining protocol echoes this sentiment.

Could this explain the recent explosion of French restaurants in NYC this summer? Do you think that classic reliable hospitality is on the rebound? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!