Can Oysters Cure The Winter Blues?

(Image via Flickr/Farukh)

Over at collectively is a story about how diet can help keep Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) at bay, and among the recommended additions to your winter food pyramid: oysters.

“Oysters can help you feel better overall because the high levels of zinc fight stress levels, and they are also a natural circulation enhancer," said Jonathan Young, owner of the Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn.

Oysters are great for combatting winter depression "physically and mentally," says Young. "Physically because they are very high in zinc, iron, and B-12, which are all key depression fighting nutrients."

Other recommended foods include mushrooms exposed to sunlight, to raise Vitamin D levels, and dark chocolate, to boost serotonin.

But if you’d rather face the cold and gloom head-on, Ellen Swandiak, aka “Hip Hostess NYC”, has dreamed up a
Comfort Binge party, complete with on a dress code (comfy sweatpants), recipes (effortless pasta buffet) and entertainment (Netflix binge!).