90 / 90™ -- Restaurants, Events & Lifestyle Products

Our entry-point service model is the 90/90 --- a comprehensive 6-month marketing plan broken into two 90-day segments that will situate your project for success and awareness. Whether you're getting ready to launch, have already opened and haven't quite gotten the marketing right, or have new programs to announce, we can help. The initial 90 days focuses on development and strategy building while you're revving up, which we then implement, nurture and build upon for you in the second 90 days after the launch. The model organically flows with the phases of your business launch and has proven successful. Each project is unique and we build the action plan to contain a mix of the following:

the thinktank
  • Brand Positioning
  • Market Analysis
  • Concept Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Long-range Planning
  • Digital & Experiential Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising / Media Buying
  • Sponsor Procurement
  • Brand Event Activations